About Emcee Winston

About Emcee Winston

“W” is for Wicked, “W” is for Winston. Put them together and we have one of the funniest entertainers that you can find in Singapore.

MC / Emcee in Singapore


Adept at reading people, and armed with a wicked sense of humour, Winston readily acquaints with his audiences in any event, cracks them up over the function, and leaves them laughing in tears right till the end. Effective in English, Mandarin, and the local dialects, he is one of the few Masters of Ceremony (Emcee/MC) who can truly interact and engage people from all walks of life. Regardless of nationality, ethnicity, background or any other demographic factors, Winston never fails to succeed in connecting with both men and women, young and old.

Versatility is one of Winston’s greatest strengths. Like a chameleon that adapts to its surrounding environment, Winston adjusts to the requirements and nature of the event. While there is a wild and gregarious side in him, he is also natural at displaying his sombre self during formal events in Singapore. Exhibiting calmness and a deep baritone voice, he is the epitome of eloquence and professionalism.

Whether it is a formal or fun event, if you might be looking for an Emcee whom is eloquent, entertaining and unequivocally engaging, Winston is the clear choice!